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Kevin Langeree and Kai Lenny recently ventured out on a boat trip to find wind and waves at the last frontier - ALASKA! Surrounded by extreme conditions and amazing landscapes they found the perfect playground to kite...

Curacao kitesurfing spots

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Yves Daluany and his mates are going on a kitesurf holiday in Klein Curacao, they made a great kiteboarding video from there holiday. This kite trip is all about going back to nature and riding on a great spot. The vi...

HIDDEN LINES – Chapter III – Nitro City

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In the last chapter of Hidden Lines Youri, Nick and Kevin find themselves in the ultimate kiteboard playground. They discover Nitro City, which proves to be the perfect ending to their trip. Crazy stunts, perfect free...

Nick Jacobsen crane jump 2011 Cape Town

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Yesterday Nick Jacobsen climbed up a crane in Table View Bay near Cape Town with his board and his kite in the air. He made a big jump from almost 40m and made some nice kiteloops and landed smoothly.

Balesin Island Club kiteboarding

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A stunning sneak peak into Balesin Island Club A private island situated at Luzon Philippines. Sustainable Development is the ideal in this island resort. Kiteboarding being a free energy sport is emerging on this ...

Best 2014 Team Video – Wet Dreams

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Here is the first launch of the official Best 2014 Team Video, after some big signings over the winter it is great to see all the riders settled in and riding hard, the edit is a little tongue in cheek, harking back t...

Kitesurf waterstart video

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How to learn a waterstart with kiteboarding? Just follow these simpel steps and keep practicing them over and over. Step 1. Keep your Kite at 12 0'clock (right above you) Step 2. Get your feet in the straps of th...

Kitesurf bodydrag video

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How to bodydrag upwind? In this video you see how to body drag with you kite and also get some handy tips for Upwind Body Dragging. Every kitesurf beginner needs to learn the basic of body dragging. When your a...

My Ride, My Place (Kiting the Bassin d’Arcachon)

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Rider: Delphine Macaire Edit: Bertrand Beauchet Spot: Bassin d'Arcachon, Biscarrosse, Cap Ferret music: MEN "Who Am I To Feel So Free" Kitesurf holidays in France  

Kitesurf Legend Youri Zoon Recorded – The Crashes

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Youri Zoon (, one of the best kiteboarders in the world, has just launched this great series of webisodes! All the best crashes & outakes from the whole series ! Expertly filmed by the gu...

LEN10 – Career highlights

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Thanks for all the love and support over the years. Life's good and we keep on rocking!! Ride hard and fly high! Redbull kiteboarding

HIDDEN LINES – Chapter II – San Blas Islands

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After a lot of fun and epic kitesurf action in Chapter I of Hidden Lines, Youri Zoon, Kevin Langeree and Nick Jacobsen set out to travel the San Blas Islands. In the second chapter they encounter the oldest indian tr...

Great video commercial with Nick Jacobsen

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Donn has a new beer commercial with Nick Jacobsen in it. The video has some great kiteboarding stunts in a swimming pool and some extreme freestyle tricks in it. Only these kind of stunts are allowed in the Nitro City...

Father and son Epic kitesurf adventure

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This is the best feeling ever. Dimitri Maramenides owner of EPIC KITES and his 11 year old son Cameron Maramenides sharing their passion of kiting together. If you want to see more videos like this one check EPICKIT...

Kitesurfing turning around

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How to turn around with kitesurfing? The easiest way to change direction with kiteboarding is to: slow down at the end of a lack bring your kite slowly to 12 o'clock and stop let yourself sink into the water ...

UH team on holiday in Dakhla – Unhooked & KITELOOP tricks!

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UH Team Rider, Damiooooo and Jerome went to Dakhla last month in order to train and get a lot of fun with the new MIST 2014, from Blade Kiteboarding. Dakhla is an amazing Kitesurf destination and Dakhla Spirit kitesu...

Crazy kitesurfing in South Africa, Cape Town – 2up 1down

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This video is about the three crazy boys Kevin Langeree, Youri Zoon and Nick Jacobsen. They are in Cape Town for a kite session but one of them was that stupid to forget his kite. But they have an insane solution. Th...

Red Bull King of the Air 2014 Kevin Langeree video impression

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Go big or go home! The one with the most, spectaculair and biggest jumps was Kevin Langeree. He ended up winning the Red Bull King of the Air! In second place was Ruben Lenten and 3rd place was Steven Akkersdijk. The...

Kitesurfing Northern Norway with Anne Valvatne

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Pro-Kitesurfer Anne Valvatne returns to the Northern Norway for a great kitesurf video. Sponsored by Mercedes Benz, they made a great movie " North of comfort zone". With some extreme cold weather Anne is determent to...

Mercedes Benz “North of the comfort zone” new kitesurf movie

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In the newest advertising spots of Mercedes Benz is to be seen now to Anne Valvatne, which spends a majority of its time at German coasts and from there many German Kiters are committed . The new GLA accompanies profe...

2013 Airush Lithium

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Airush is back with the award winning Lithium but this year we had a bit more fun with the video. Dutch Champion and cover boy, Bas Koole, teamed up with 16 year old South African Champion, Oswald Smith, in Langebaan,...

Erik Volpe Egyptian Week

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Short but sweet, Eric Volpe sashes out a few moves in Egypt at the Pro Kite Academy. A good way to ease into Tuesday! Music: Thrift Shop – 20$ In My Pocket SLINGSHOT – MINOIA – UC.DISTRIBUTION – MYSTIC – ProKite...

NKTV S03E03-Kiting for Conservation

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Help the Elephants! Help the elephants and support a new project called Voice for Elephants on the website Stop people from buying ivory! Sign the petition at ht...

The Bighorn Snowkite Summit extreme video

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Will Taggart kindly wrote us the excellent article in the latest issue about getting into snow kiting, this video features the great work the guys did at the Bighorn Snowkite Summit which was held recently in Jackson ...

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