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Kitesurf basic jump

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How to do your first jump with kitesurfing When you want to make your first jump with kiteboarding, it is always good to do it with not to much wind. Start with a wind range of 16 to 20 knots. Step 1. First you...

Upwind kiteboarding tips

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How to kitesurf upwind! Here are some simpel steps that you can practice on the water. If there is not al lot of wind it is hard to ride upwind but if there is to much wind it is also hard to ride upwind. The best ci...

Kitesurfing turning around

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How to turn around with kitesurfing? The easiest way to change direction with kiteboarding is to: slow down at the end of a lack bring your kite slowly to 12 o'clock and stop let yourself sink into the water ...

Kitesurf bodydrag video

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How to bodydrag upwind? In this video you see how to body drag with you kite and also get some handy tips for Upwind Body Dragging. Every kitesurf beginner needs to learn the basic of body dragging. When your a...

Kitesurf waterstart video

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How to learn a waterstart with kiteboarding? Just follow these simpel steps and keep practicing them over and over. Step 1. Keep your Kite at 12 0'clock (right above you) Step 2. Get your feet in the straps of th...