How to do a back roll with kitesurfing?

When you want to make your first back roll with kitesurfing, start with easy conditions.

Ideal conditions:

  • Start with a wind range of 16 to 20 knots.
  • Begin with flat water (so NOT choppy water or in high waves).
  • Your kite shoot be between 10 or 11 meters.
  • Try a smaller board, that is easier to turn or circle.

Step 1. Try not to go to fast or high at the beginning.
Step 2. Aim for a flat water spot.
Step 3. The start is the same as jumping, so bring your kite to 12 o’clock.
Step 4. Now when you stear your board upwind for the jump you push off really hard on your board.
Step 5. When you push off you try and look over your shoulder in the way you are surfing.
Step 6. Now you slightly pull your bar to get a bit of height and you bend your knees to make roll (kite is still at 12).
Step 7. When you are turning/rolling you are still watching over you shoulder en try to look for a landing spot
Step 8. Start your landing with stretching your knees and stear the kite to 9 or 3 o’clock.
Step 9. You have landed and you can ride in the same direction you where going.

If you master the basics you can do back rolls higher and faster everytime. You can also start doing back rolls with one hand and do a board grap. If you have enough time take one feet out of your board for extra style. Good luck!

The next trick to learn is a front roll, it is almost the same but slighty harder to learn. Look at the next video to learn a front roll kiteboarding >>


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