Kitesurf basic jump

How to do your first jump with kitesurfing

When you want to make your first jump with kiteboarding, it is always good to do it with not to much wind.

Start with a wind range of 16 to 20 knots.

Step 1. First, you have to make some speed on the water (at the beginning not too fast)
Step 2. Aim for a flatwater spot or if you feel comfortable aim for a small wave
Step 3. Now slowly bring your kite back to 12 o’clock
Step 4. When your kite almost reaches 12 o’clock you steer your board upwind
Step 5. When  you fill that you are pulled from the water, you pull on your bar (the harder the higher)
Step 6. In the air try to find balance, and already aim at your landing spot
Step 7. Slightly bring your kite to 9 or 3 o’clock and steer your board downwind for the landing

When you have mastered the technique of the basic jump for 1 or 2 meters high, you can speed up and pull harder for bigger jumps.

If you are up for it you can watch the more advanced videos on this page advanced kitesurf videos >>

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